Originally from Troy, Ohio, John met Cyndi in Bend, Oregon and formed the acoustic duo Thistle Down in 2015.  Recently uprooted and moved back to Ohio in late 2017 the group decided to start their music on a new foot by creating a band name that is relevant to their new locale.  


Our Mission

The Barnhart Band currently consists of the Bass/ Guitar duo, but are actively seeking a simplistic percussionist and lead guitarist to accompany their original sound. The group can easily fill a two hour set with original music and hopes to begin booking gigs throughout western Ohio within the next few months. A demo recording is also in store for the group within the upcoming months.

I have never heard anything quite as captivating and thought provoking from a local music group; super stoked to see where they go from here!
— Matt Cautin

  • Upcoming gigs:
    • Greenville Ohio
    • Tipp City, Ohio